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Cutting-Edge HD Ultrasound Technology for More Life-Like Images

Making Your First Glimpse Even More Precious

Seeing your baby for the first time is truly a cherished moment.  At Lil’ Pirate Preview in North Carolina, we make your first peek a totally ecstatic experience. With our 4D and HD ultrasound technologies, you can see your baby smile, yawn, suck its thumb in high definition and even in live motion. 

What Sets Us Apart

Our goal is to give you an opportunity to have the most exciting elective ultrasound experience possible. We allow up to 8 members of your family to get involved in the process. We provide a non-medical environment that makes you feel like you’re in your own living room, where the atmosphere is more inviting and enjoyable for the entire family. 

Mission and Vision

As Greenville’s first 3D/4D ultrasound studio, our team is dedicated to giving you the most amazing possible ultrasound experience. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with an enjoyable, relaxing environment and having both the equipment and the skill to provide you with high-quality images. We believe that you and your Lil’ Pirate deserve the very best!

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